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The oldest part of the town, dating from the Neolithic period, stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Adriatic Sea, 33 kilometers south of the capital. The territory is characterized by high costs and jagged lines, on which have numerous outlet blades. One of these, Lama Monachile, is the deep inlet just west of the old town, so called because in the past there will attest to the presence of the monk seal.

It located about 30 km south of Bari, on the first hills of the Murgia. Pre-roman, in the eleventh century it became the seat of a county extended on a significant part of the central and southern Puglia whose importance was not diminished as the sun of the feudal structure. Important diocese and religious center since the Middle Ages, the town is now the seat of the diocese of Conversano-Monopoli.

It represents, on the Adriatic, one of the busiest ports and populous region. Its quaint old town of early medieval origin, superimposed to the remains of an inhabited messapico fortified in the fifth century BC, overlooking the sea surrounded by high walls. Unique is its old town consists of old houses in white stone and rich local alleys, bars and ice cream parlors.